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General information

We provide all of the necessary information about directions from the resort to certain destinations, as well as all the important information about nearby towns for replenishments. Our attentive staff is available to assist you with your needs & ensure your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. For your convenience you can download this information to view offline.

Zongoene Lighthouse

The town of Zongoene is about 30km away from the Village of Nhabanga where our Resort is situated.

  • An old but working Lighthouse is a sight to behold. The Lighthouse is still operational & located on a hill overlooking the town of Zongoene.

  • This is also the town where the Limpopo River runs into the ocean. The view of this river is breath taking from the Lighthouse.

  • A 4x4 is required to travel this route.


Directions: Leave out the back of the resort, turn left into the village, go past the school on your right & carry on towards the end of the village. Turn left, follow the road, at the fork go right. Make your way through two villages, past a high school which is on the outskirts of the second village. At this point you will see the lighthouse up ahead on top of the hill to the right. Follow the road towards the lighthouse.

Lighthouse pic.jpg

trip to the beach

The beach is accessible via a road through the village & over the dunes. 

Directions: Leave out the back of the resort, turn right and first left into the village. Carry on straight out the village, follow the road up & over the dunes. There are multiple paths that branch off, however they all lead to the beach. 

Disclaimer: You will need a 4x4 to travel this route, however it is not for the novice offroader as there is a lot of soft sand. Be sure to adjust tyre pressure, as well as make sure of the timing of the tides.

This is a prime spot for shore angling, swimming, sunbathing or pack a cooler and enjoy some sundowners at the koppie to the right of the beach. 

Disclaimer: There are no life guards on the beach.


Nhabanga Village

Just In Time Resort is situated on the lagoon banks in Nhabanga Village. The Village is the hub of activity for the locals & visitors from the surrounding resorts. The following sights/services are available:

  • There are three shops for the replenishment of very basic food stuffs (toiletries, water, & basic dry goods).

  • Fresh fish & prawns can be bought from local fishermen in the village. However, they will often come round to the resort in the mornings to sell.​

  • The Coconut bar & restaurant 

Trip to the Mouth

Pack your coolers, gazebo & beach games its time to take a trip to the mouth of the lagoon. This can be done by booking a trip out on our pontoon boat (maximum 12 persons), which includes a skipper & drinks arranged through the bar. This is a perfect option for those who would like to enjoy a slow cruise to the mouth & back, & be spoilt with the stunning sunset on your return.


Alternatively you can drive from the Village of Nhabanga back to Praia do Bilene (approximately 11km) & charter a small boat/ferry across from the PetroMoc Service Station at a nominal fee. Safe parking for your vehicle is available at the PetroMoc service Station. Please tip the car guards.

Should you have your own boat or Jet Ski it is advisable to navigate to Praia do Bilene & ask for a skipper to escort you through the correct channel in getting to the mouth safely, as there are a lot of sand banks that shift with the tides.


Praia do Bilene

The nearest town to the Nhabanga Village is the picturesque town of Praia do Bilene, favoured holiday destination for patrons from all over Mozambique and indeed the world. The town is approximately 11km from the Village of Nhabanga. The following services/sights are available in Praia do Bilene:

  • Market area for the replenishment of fresh fruit & vegetables.

  • Limited replenishment of basic food stuffs at the market or shops.

  • Buying of fresh traditional bread (poa).

  • Buying of fresh fish, crab, prawns & other seafood delicacies.

  • Market area for the inevitable shopping of local art & souvenirs.

  • Access to commercial banks and ATMs should you run out of money.

  • Access to service stations for the refilling of fuel & basic tyre repairs, & inflating/deflating of tyres.

  • There is a variety of unique & indigenous Restaurants/Bars.

  • An airstrip 1km out of the town. This is in good working order, although not manned full-time. Clearing customs in Maputo prior to flight to Praia do Bilene, is necessary.

  • Fishing charters can also be arranged out of Bilene.

Image by Random Institute
Image by Toby Wong


The town of Macia is 35km inland from Praia do Bilene. The following additional services are available in Macia:

  • There is a Shoprite in Macia where you can stock up on all your grocery needs. We recommend stopping in here en route to Just in Time.

  • Rudimentary hospital services.

  • Access to mechanics & auto electricians.

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